Virat Kohli is also an entrepreneur; Do you know this?

Virat Kohli is also an entrepreneur; Do you know this?

A Successful entrepreneur story of Virat Kohli


“It’s no secret, its just NONE of your Business”

Virat Kohli has seen from you score fours and sixes in the field. His energy and the playing process are very different and innovative. In terms of diet and fitness, he is very strict and disciplined.

Virat Kohli, who is a balanced life-long cricketer, is also a great successful businessman. At the young age, he stepped into the entrepreneurial world.

As you might have seen, many celebrities play in crores and their circumstances are of dire
consequences. What was that? Because they have not invested. There is no provision for the future.

If your current income is huge, then you should invest some part of it in a good place and secondly, it is necessary to invest in a business. That’s what Virat Kohli has done. He says, We can not play cricket all our life. Therefore, the provision should be made only before retirement.” He made his debut in the entrepreneurial field for the same purpose.

Virat Kohli became the co-owner of the India SuperLeague club in Goa in 2014. Football is his favorite game after cricket. He wants football to be a good day in India. That was the first commercial investment he made at the age of 26.

After that, he did not look back. The more disciplined he is in personal life and in the life of cricket, he is also disciplined about the profession. At 26, a young person thinks of the future, which is a big deal.


“Whatever you do always give 120%, unless you’re donating blood”

Then Virat Kohli kept the foot in the fashion world. In November 2014, he launched a brand called WROGN. WROGN is a clothing and accessories brand. WROGN has typed up with ‘Myntra’ and ‘Shoppers Stop’. Inview, WROGN tasted the youth and became a leading brand. This year, he plans to launch this brand in more than one hundred countries and by looking at his potential and work, he will also take the WROGN brand to a different height.

Kohli’s biggest advantage is that he himself is a brand and he recognizes his value. If you recognize that musk is near you, then it should be. Otherwise, we would run behind the mirage. He is aware of what Virat is, who he is. He has become a shareholder and brand ambassador of social media networking, Sports Convo. Mainly, this social networking site is based in London.

In 2014, he made a smart investment. He also continued the investment chain in 2015. Virat is very serious about diet and fitness, and if it feels like everyone else should follow these rules, then there is nothing wrong with it.

He started his own gym series called ‘Chisel’. He has invested 90 crores in this business. This gym chain is jointly owned by Chisel Fitness, Kohli and CSE, the sister concern of Cornerstone Sports & Entertainment.


“Are you Fat & Ugly? Join our gym and just be ugly!”


Then next Kohli has invested in the Dubai Royals (tennis) team in Dubai. Roger Federer is the leader of this team. He has also invested in the Bangalore Warrior (Wrestling).

Despite being a sportsman, he has invested in various fields as a witness to his study of investment. He further partnered with ‘Stepathlon Lifestyle’ and invested in ‘Stepathlon Kids.’

He has entered into various fields such as Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle and Social Media. Apart from that, he has seen in many advertisements. He is getting huge money from that, but his tendency is more to the industry.

He is getting excellent returns from all these industries, he will also get this in future as well. Perhaps he will invest in many more places in the future.

Virat is a smart entrepreneur who generates income through investing without taking the burden on himself. If your current income is good then you should also invest in other options like Virat does, make your future safer and bright.

Virat Kohli is an ideal for young innovators, not just for young players. His successful entrepreneur story inspires everyone out there.

That’s all. Thank you for reading.

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